Important Information

We welcome clients of all genders who are struggling with mental health concerns related to pregnancy, parenthood, menopause, and other reproductive hormonal changes. We pride ourselves on delivering holistic and individualized care through a partnership approach to treatment planning, helping each of our clients to become well-informed and capable partners in their care.

Brookside Psychiatric Specialists is a tele-healthcare practice dedicated to serving women with mental health concerns related to pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, and menstruation.

Psychiatric evaluation and medication management

Initial (new patient) consultations:

During our 90 minute intake appointments, we begin with a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and treatment recommendations based on your unique needs and preferences for care. We take ample time to discuss our assessment and recommendations to ensure each client feels confident and comfortable on our path moving forward. Due to the constraints of telehealth not all clients will be appropriate for ongoing care with our practice. In those cases, we would discuss options and recommendations for ongoing care.

Follow-up medication management appointments:

During our 30 minute follow-up appointments, we provide ongoing active management of psychiatric medications coupled with psychotherapy using a variety of therapeutic techniques targeted to each patient’s unique needs (including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), supportive therapy, and mindfulness training)

Preconception, pregnancy, and lactation (breastfeeding) consultations

These consultations typically consist of a one time, 90 to 120 minute appointment focused on evaluating and optimizing medications for pregnancy and/or lactation. We provide recommendations and education that clients take back to their current psychiatric or obstetric providers for ongoing medication management. Included in this assessment is a  summary of our assessment and recommendations faxed to your provider.

Important Info

Telehealth requirements

Please be aware that you will need to be physically in the state of Virginia, even for telehealth sessions, as that is where our clinicians are licensed. You will also need access to a computer or phone with both internet access and a camera to make the required video sessions possible.


We participate with several private insurers including Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield, Optima, and Tricare (in-network). Additionally, we participate with both Optima Medicaid plans and Anthem Healthkeepers Plus Medicaid plans.

As healthcare providers, our relationship is with you, not with your insurance company. It is the patient’s responsibility to pay for services rendered, regardless of your insurance coverage. However, as part of the services we offer, our goal is to provide fast and efficient insurance billing for in-network plans as a courtesy to you. To accomplish this, we require the following:

Patients must be aware of their insurance coverage and provide complete and accurate insurance information.

Patients must notify the office immediately of any changes in insurance coverage.

Out of Network options

If you are insured through a company not listed above, you may be eligible for full or partial reimbursement of your payments for our services through your out of network benefits. It is your responsibility to inquire about this benefit with your individual plan and submit your own claims. You may also use a health savings plan or a flexible spending plan to pay for our services.

Self-Pay (fee for service)

For individuals who are not enrolled in an insurance plan or coverage or a Federal health care program, or who are not seeking to file a claim with their plan or coverage, we will provide a “Good Faith Estimate” of expected charges prior to your initial appointment or upon request.

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Notice of Privacy Practices

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Telehealth puts highly specialized mental healthcare in your reach.

Have you ever wished you could talk with a medical professional, get the help you need, and not have to leave home? Do you live out of town or where healthcare services are limited? Maybe you have children at home that you can’t leave. Whatever the reason, telehealth makes it possible for you to get care where you are.

Our Vision: A future where those in need, no matter where they live, can easily access high-quality, specialty mental health care that not only effectively treats illness, but also promotes healthier, more fulfilling lives.